Web Harvesting: An Advantage or Disadvantage For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Have you ever heard of web harvesting? This is just like web scraping where you extract information from a certain website. Many are using this technique because this enables them to gather needed information easily. There are many applications that allow one to gather information from a website fast and easy. This technique has helped a lot of business owners in gathering the information they need and this makes it easy for them to convert unreadable data to readable data. 

Web harvesting is originally intended to help people gather information from another website legally. But because of today’s information hungry people, this technique is now used illegally and private information is now stolen. Websites which have poor security are prone to have their private information stolen by these web harvesters. These webs harvesters steal information from a certain site and probably have it sold to its direct competitors. Bank websites that also have poor security may just have its protected accounts stolen by these web harvesters and probably steal money from it. 

digital advertising malaysia

When this web harvesting is used illegally, destructive things may just happen to another person or worse it might just lead to a bankruptcy of another business. Most businessmen hire web harvesters to gather information from their direct competitors and so that they will know the private information of that certain company. 

Web harvesting uses bots that will collect the information in a particular website. The use of these bots may destroy the websites database and it may not function well anymore. There are many cases already about the illegal use of this technique because disclosed information is stolen. But still, developers are still developing applications that would help one easily gather information from another website. 

Even though websites have already declared in their terms and agreement that they do not allow having their website scraped, there are still many web harvesters that do this. If you are caught doing this illegal thing, appropriate punishment will be given to you and you might also go to jail because of this. 

Yes, it is not legal to use a web harvester tool when it comes to digital advertising Malaysia. But then again, it pays to know about this so you will be aware and you can be ready for your own digital domain to not be victimized. 

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