Understanding What ISO 17025 Malaysia Is

ISO 17025 Malaysia

Testing is performed in a variety of sectors; however, in order to provide testing as a paid service, any laboratory that does measuring, sampling, or calibration must first go through the process of accreditation. Testing is carried out in a number of sectors and is utilised in a wide variety of business sectors all around the world. In order for the company to be granted accreditation, it is necessary for the company to present evidence that it satisfies the standards of ISO 17025 Malaysia.

ISO 17025 Malaysia

Why must a laboratory be accredited with ISO 17025?

For laboratories that carry out testing and/or calibration, accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard is generally regarded as the most prestigious form of recognition. It proves that a certain laboratory is competent in delivering exact and correct test results as well as calibration data, which may comprise the following items, depending on the particular laboratory:

  • Data verification and validation for testing and calibration
  • Ensuring the safe transportation and management of examination materials
  • Measurements and calibrations must be able to be traced back to their respective national standards
  • The reliability and applicability of the testing procedures

What are the benefits of ISO 17025 in laboratories?

Instructional framework for optimal performance

Nevertheless, acquiring accreditation from ISO 17025 is not a straightforward process, and there is a rational justification for why this is the case. It is not only something that should be maintained but also something that should be worked for. Because the standard is being reviewed on a consistent basis, it is imperative that laboratories keep their skills up to date at all times, as well as keep a high level of competency and ensure that their data is of good quality. Customers, stakeholders, and even staff members themselves may be able to be certain that the data produced in the laboratory is accurate and reliable in this way, offering additional evidence of the organization’s quality and expertise.

ISO 17025 Malaysia

Increased productiveness

Following established rules increases operational efficiency and production. By evaluating staff processes, methods, and equipment, you can ensure that your lab produces accurate, efficient findings. By defining staff roles, increasing accountability, and following standard procedures, you may ensure a more trustworthy laboratory.

Reputation Boost

The standard known as ISO 17025 is one that is acknowledged not only in the United States but also on an international scale. Accreditation has a very high degree of respect in the scientific community because of the fact that it is a very specialised accreditation that is only applicable to technical competence in laboratory settings. This fact contributes to the accreditation’s high level of respect.

As a consequence of this, the standard instils greater levels of confidence in businesses and demonstrates to consumers, rivals, and other stakeholders alike the dependability of the testing, measuring, and calibrating that the organisations carry out. Not only does it serve as official recognition of laboratories, but it also acts as evidence of the laboratory’s commitment to a quality management system that is both secure and well-established. In other words, it demonstrates the laboratory’s dedication to the highest standards of quality.

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