The Benefits of Baby Wipes for Newborn

best baby wipes for newborn malaysia

So why do babies need baby wipes? Other than how convenient it is for parents when there are no baby stations for them to change their babies’ diapers, baby wipes have other uses as well. It is essential for parents to be aware of the importance of baby wipes, especially for newborns. By reading about the benefits of baby wipes for newborns, you might figure out the best baby wipes for newborn malaysia

While water and washcloth are often used, water is not able to completely clean the oily substances in the skin. Apart from that, water does not provide pH-balancing action. 

best baby wipes for newborn malaysia

Baby wipes can be used for more than just wiping your baby’s bottom; they can also be used to clean your baby’s pacifier, face, hands, and toys. We shall discover the advantages of baby wipes for newborns in this article. It’s crucial to select baby wipes that are good for your newborn and that are both appropriate and safe. An example of an excellent baby wipes company is PIGEON Malaysia. 

Without a doubt, knowing the importance of baby wipes will help you determine which is the best baby wipes for your baby. 

Firstly, baby wipes should include plant-based materials which are gentle and soft for the baby’s delicate skin. Secondly, the material should be 100% biodegradable which should leave zero toxins in the environment. 

Thirdly, baby wipes should be toxin-free. Keep an eye out for toxins as these chemicals can damage your baby’s skin and cause allergies. For example, sulphates, silicones, harmful chemicals, mineral oil, fragrances, and paraben. Next, it is important that baby wipes include natural ingredients to help soothe the skin and keep it hydrated. 

best baby wipes for newborn malaysia

Now that we know the ingredients that should be in your baby wipes to help you select the best baby wipes for your baby, we move on to the benefits of baby wipes; 

  1. Disinfectants

Disinfectants are built right in baby wipes. This component is included to eliminate germs and bacteria from the baby’s bottom so that it would protect them from illnesses and rashes. The disinfectants are built in to fight the fecal enzymes. Alcohol and other antibacterial components are included as well. 

Additionally, this component has been assessed to guarantee that it is safe and friendly for the baby’s skin. 

  1. Balance the pH scale

Unbalanced skin pH is caused by bad components such as germs and bacteria. Due to this, nearly all baby wipes are built with pH balancing to restore and maintain a baby’s normal pH levels. Keeping your baby’s pH levels in the proper spectrum will prevent rashes and irritation from appearing. 

  1. Anti-friction

A baby’s buttocks are often scrubbed with face washcloths or sponges. To clean them thoroughly, these sorts of materials are not suitable for your baby’s skin due to the rough textile. It may be dangerous for your child. 

A baby’s skin is very delicate, hence, it is very easy to tear and rupture on rough surfaces. Professionally prepared wipes are suitable for your baby’s bum to their silky texture. 

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