Risks Of Diving You Must Know Beforehand

Diving is an incredible experience.  Swarming ourselves in the crystal clear water, watching bizarre underwater nature, witnessing the beauty of vibrant coral species and even more stranger vibrant creatures in the ocean. From the gentle giants to big killers of the underwater world. While diving packages Malaysia and across the world come with some amazing views, it also comes with a few dangers and risks.

What are some risks entailing diving? 

The Big Risk Of Drowning 

Many do not think of how we can drown while we are deep in the ocean. Drowning does not only happen while we are swimming. It is possible to drown while diving, even for those who are experienced. There are many stories of how experienced divers, fishermen, and swimmers drowned in the sea despite knowing every possible safety measure and outcome.

Drowning can happen as a result of our own tiredness, or a natural event that pushes us into being drowned, sometimes strong ocean currents and sudden weather changes can also change the course of a good diving day. In other cases, we might have a health problem that might happen promptly and in the case, we do not get any assistance from our diving partners or we do not receive first aid, it is possible to drown. 

For the fear of drowning and to avoid this fatality, it is important to keep ourselves in the best of health. We need to be physically prepared, checked by our doctors regularly, and always have a partner while diving. Diving alone increases our risk of drowning. 

The Danger Of Decompression Sickness 

Decompression sickness is the act that causes nitrogen bubbles in our tissues. This is what happens when we move from two different pressured environments. Under the water the pressure is high and we are breathing compressed air. When we breathe compressed air our tissues absorb nitrogen. If our body has absorbed too much nitrogen, when we resurface and the pressure is greatly reduced, then we experience nitrogen bubbles.

Decompression sickness is very painful and can potentially result in death if left untreated.  There are so many ways we can avoid decompression sickness by analyzing dive sites and sticking to the safety measures at hand. It is also important to maintain your own body and physical health for the sake of minimizing potential dive injuries. 

Wild Life 

We might not hear about a shark attack every day, but we tend to hear it every now and then. Death from marine life is not always all that common but it has been to occur sometimes, all over the world. Whether it’s a jellyfish sting, or a shark attack, or even a wild dolphin attack, it can be risky to our life. It is important to remember, marine life is as gentle as marine life is, we are still entering a territory that does not belong to us. It is wildlife and they have animal instincts while we are only human. 

Equipment Malfunction 

Oftentimes equipment checks are done beforehand and safety standards tend to take place. But sometimes we overlook it. Either it is because we are overconfident or it is simple human error, mishap, or a lapse in judgment. Many types of equipment tend to be rental and it is not taken care of by the divers themselves. It is always safer to have one’s own equipment and regularly check up on our equipment to avoid any malfunctions. 

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