Pipe Types: Seamless, Welded, or Forged

Welded steel pipe Malaysia

One of the first things you should ask yourself when looking for a stainless steel pipe, whether it’s for a desalination plant, an oil rig, or even a nuclear power plant, is whether you need a seamless, welded, or forged pipe. The three varieties each have their own set of benefits, making them suitable for a variety of applications and conditions. When deciding what is best for a project, there are numerous aspects to consider.

Engineers would most likely know the answer to that question instinctively, but let’s take a closer look at these seamless, welded, and forged pipes and their unique features.

Seamless Pipe

Let’s start with a single piece of seamless pipe. A seamless pipe is one that has no seams or weld joints, as the name implies.


Seamless pipes have the obvious advantage of having no seam, which eliminates the possibility of a weak seam. This means that a seamless pipe of the same material grade and size can typically bear 20% more working pressure than welded pipe of the same material grade and size.

Seamless pipe has a stronger resistance to corrosion due to the lack of a seam, as there are less contaminants and faults that might occur along a weld.

Less Testing: It goes without saying that seamless pipes don’t need to be tested for weld integrity – after all, if there isn’t a weld, there isn’t a test!

Welded Pipe

Welded steel pipe Malaysia comes in three forms: welded on the outside diameter, welded on the inside diameter, and welded on both sides. The only thing they have in common is that they all have a seam!


Welded pipe is the least expensive of all pipe kinds, and it is also far more readily available.

The wall thickness of welded pipes is generally considered to be significantly more constant than that of seamless pipes. Because the production process begins with a flat sheet of steel, this is the case.

Surface quality: Because the extrusion process is avoided, the surface of a welded pipe can be significantly smoother than the surface of a seamless pipe.

Welded steel pipe Malaysia

Because the production process is easier, welded pipe requires a shorter procurement lead time.

Forged Pipe

Forging steel is a metal forming method that uses compressive force, intense heat, and pressure to shape metal.


Because forging causes the grain flows of the steel to change and align, forging pipe usually results in a robust and very reliable end product. In other words, the steel gets more refined, and the structure of the pipe is fundamentally altered, resulting in extreme strength and great impact resistance.

Forging eliminates the possibility of porosity, shrinkage, cavities, and cold pour problems.

Economical: It is widely acknowledged that the forging process is particularly cost-effective because no material is wasted.

Steel forging is a very flexible process that may manufacture a wide range of pipes in various sizes.

Buying pipe that is seamless, welded, or forged

Unitrade can source and deliver any sizes of seamless pipe, welded pipe, and forged pipe, regardless of the type of seamless, welded, or forged pipe you require. Any type you require, in whatever material grade – super duplex, duplex, nickel alloy, 6 percent Moly, or stainless steel – our broad global network will be able to locate and store it. We work with reputable mills that are highly efficient and experts in their disciplines, ensuring that your products are exactly what you require.

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