How To Recycle A Metal

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Metal is the most commonly used raw material in many industries. They can be used in big industries like automotive and they can also be used in our daily lives as cutleries. Due to its functionality, we used a lot of metal and this creates a lot of metal waste like a tin can or foil aluminum. Big industries also used a lot of sheet metal fabrication Malaysia, and create more waste of metal. 

To avoid making a huge waste of metal, we need to start recycling our metal. We all know that the materials that can be recycled are plastic, paper, and glass. But, with today’s technologies, we can also start to recycle metal.

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Here are some ways for us to recycle metal. 


This is the most crucial and basic process in metal recycling. Simply put, it includes assembling all metal-based items. This procedure should be arranged such that containers particularly required to collect metals are available. Some businesses and individuals have created junkyards where people are expected to gather various metals, transport them there, and be compensated for what they have gathered. At the yards, various metals have varied prices. The scrap metal yards are utilized as metal collection hubs.

Put In A Group 

The next step that needs to be done is to sort the metals according to their groups. See, which metal can be recycled and the one that cannot be recycled will be put inside of a machine to destroy them. Only high-quality original materials used in the recycling process can result in a high-quality recycled product or item. As a result, throughout the sorting process, a thorough quality check is required.


Now that all of the metals have been sorted out according to their groups. It can be processed into the next phase which is all of the recycled materials will be squished into a machine to save space in the conveyor belts. 

Shred The Metals 

The shredding process starts after the metal has been squashed and shattered. To allow for more process, the metals are broken down into small bits or sheets. Smaller parts have a higher surface-to-volume ratio and can be melted with less energy than larger metal components. For example, steel is usually transformed into steel blocks, whilst aluminum is transformed into sheets.

Melt The Materials 

In a big burner, the scrap metal is melted away. Each metal is heated in an oven built especially for melting that metal due to its unique characteristics. The melting process needs a lot of energy. The energy required to melt recycled metal, on the other hand, is lower than the energy necessary to produce metal from its raw source.


The purification process starts once the melting step is finished. Different techniques are used to purify metals. Metals are purified in order to secure that the final product is free of impurities and of high quality. One of the ways of purifying metals is electrolysis.

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