How To Overcome Sexual Trauma?

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Sexual trauma is a serious thing to many people. But in this topic for today, I would like to break the stereotype that only women’s are the ones who suffer from it since the perpetrators for this cause are mans. But how do we explain sexual trauma that are experience by men’s in this world. Henceforth, in today’s topic, we all are going to remain neutral when it comes to sexual trauma as regardless of what gender we might be, sexual trauma is something that people shouldn’t take lightly but seriously.

What Are Sexual Trauma?

Sexual trauma is an act where a person is hurt during the process of having sex. Most of this sexual trauma may vary depending on the case or the severity of emotional trauma that someone might have gone through. Here’s list of examples of what might be called as sexual trauma.

  • Raped
  • Hard-core sex
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Forceful Sex
  • Rough Sex
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And more, most of this sexual trauma is classified as sexual violence towards an individual or a victim. Therefore, it is important to always identified the types of sexual trauma that someone you know might have endured in their life. Yet, there are many ways in overcoming this sexual trauma, especially once the people who had this nasty experience have decided to move on. Here’s are some ways they might be able to overcome their fear or trauma of engaging in sexual relationship.

Go Slow

Going through a bad experience is enough to scar someone for the rest of their life, but giving it an opportunity to commit to someone is a walk over the moon. Hence, it is always advisable to take it slow. If your partner is hoping to have sex with you, then it would be a good thing to let them know whether you are ready or not. 

Use Sex Toys

If you are someone who is not ready mentally or physically to engage with real sexual experience with someone or your partner, then do not worry. There is also a way of bringing you close to those experiences. Those are the use of sex toys. You can incorporate the use of adult sex toys like vibrators or try to get Secret  Cherry dildos near me in your relationship. But if you are someone who is more comfortable being solo, then do use sex toys to overcome your sexual trauma. Sex toys can be made a good use of since, the speed and the stimulation level can be controlled by us.  Therefore, there wouldn’t be any chances that you might hurt yourself while using it for masturbation purposes.

Talk To Your Partners

It is always important to talk to your partners, as communicating is able to lead to a good relationship and also a good sexual relationship between a couple. Hence, try to start out by touching yourself in an erogenous zone to stimulate each other. Moving slow and steady is able to make your partner that might have experience sexual trauma to be more at ease to have sex with you.

Remember, do not get frustrated or overly excited during the process. Take it slow and always remember to be thoughtful and mindful of the non- verbal cues that your partners might be signaling to show either they’re enjoying what is currently happening right now or otherwise.

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