How to be happy?

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Being happy is something that we all need. Without happiness there is truly no reason for us to continue life. Happiness is there to make our life sweeter and more meaningful and to achieve happiness is not difficult. We have to change a little bit of our lifestyle and we can achieve happiness with it. We also need to have good habits and good thoughts and not live in fear and anxiety for anything that might happen. So to achieve happiness daily these are the things that you can do!


Exercise can help you with regulating stresses as well as boost self esteem and it will result in happiness. Even a very small amount of exercise can help you be happier in your life. Small exercises like Spot walking or Spot running are able to help you breathe well and get your body running. Fun activities also can help you with it. Like your favourite sport like Bowling, Badminton, Running, Hiking and many more fun activities to keep you moving, they can also be your simple exercises. 

Have enough sleep

Sleep cycle is also very important as well for you to have enough rejuvenation to keep the body running well. This is a very good habit. Yes we may feel like the day is not enough hence we also want to utilise the night to do what we want as well but we must remember that sleep is much needed because it promotes brain health, Brain function and can help with your emotional well-being. Adults are best to have around 7 to 8 hours of sleep.


We need to be mindful about things that we do. What does it mean? Simple explanation is when doing something we need to clear our mind and just be mindful of the things that you’re doing. For example, when having a bath then we ought to be mindful, let the water run through our body and just feel it and not think about things that stresses us out. Or when we are driving, be mindful, look around and soak in what is around us and be mindful of what we are doing. This would help us to be more grateful for what we have and not take life so harshly. 

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Social life

We need to have a social life. As humans we seek interactions. Find some time to go out with friends, family. If you have your boyfriend or girlfriend then go out with them often and by having a social life like this can boost our esteem as well as boost happiness because we have supplies our needs on having that social life. It will make us more happy. 

Promoting Endorphin 

Endorphin is a hormone that is in our body that will let our body spike on endorphin and it will let us feel happy, less anxiety, self esteem and more. There are many ways to have endorphins such as exercise as well as doing activities that you like, such as going out with friends and family and spouse or partner. But there is one that people talk about less and that is sexual part of our life. Sex can also spike our endorphin levels. Of course if you are single or you want to wait for marriage or your partner wants to wait for marriage then you can perform masturbation and you will still be able to achieve endorphins. For this you can find sex toys to pleasure yourself with. There is no shame in it. If you would like to find out more then you can find Secret Cherry best sex shops near me in Malaysia, search this in google and you can learn more about it. You can get something that fits you and you are able to also spike your endorphins and help you be happy through it.

There you have it then that you can do some of the things stated above and you can have control over your life and be happy in your life. Life needs happiness to make it sweeter, then go ahead and pursue happiness.

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