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Buying a house is certainly a challenging step, there are economic and time efforts to be made, you have to plan the investment and the fear (or the possibility) of making mistakes is always around the corner. Buying a property requires the utmost attention. In fact, the examination visit of a home, which could become yours for a lifetime, requires a series of important reflections.

  • Will I be buying the right house? What if it’s not for me?
  • What if I feel bad? Will it have the right spaces well organized?
  • Is it as bright, spacious as I like it?
  • Am I obliged to furnish or can I vary? Is the kitchen comfortable?
  • And the bathroom, can you get an additional service?
  • What is the best orientation?

These are the main questions that are asked to the architect by those who are about to buy a house and seek advice on the checks to be made before the purchase.

Buying a house: the architect’s advice

In this post, you will find the list of the main mistakes you can make when buying and my advice as an expert in interiors and residences.

The errors you can make are mainly of an economic nature and/or related to the condition of the property. Careful consideration allows you to avoid both. In addition to the price of the property, in fact, it is necessary to foresee the ancillary costs that affect about 10% of the total and include taxes, the percentage for the agency (if any) and notary’s fee.

Errors of evaluation

Some data 

On a general level, Titiwangsa Real Estate expects a slowdown in the growth of the residential market by approximately 1.2%, probably due to the increase in prices. There are many Titiwangsa condo and Titiwangsa property for sale that proves this.

Trendy Italians are looking for their own home, preferred over renting, and real estate represents 80% of the assets invested by families in our country. 73% of the population already owns homes and two-thirds of millennials (i.e. those born between 1981 and 1996) do not want to live in their own homes. People have a different cultural heritage, living almost exclusively on rent.

Price isn’t the only thing to consider

There are many determining factors in the choice, first of all, the light, the general condition of the apartment and the whole building, the location and the noise. Compared to the value of the house, given by its characteristics and the prices of the area, some elements can lower the price: the absence of balconies, the absence of a lift, the semi-underground position or on the ground floor, the absence of more bathrooms.

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