Confused About New Mother Products Malaysia? Here Is What You Need

new mother products Malaysia

As a new mother, everything looks a little hazy. There are so many people telling you about what’s best and what’s not. All the answers overlap one another and you are just as confused as you were in the beginning. Welcome to being a new mom! It’s nothing but endless roller coasters and trying to figure out the best new mother products Malaysia

Picking out the best is not even a peachy ride for experienced mothers. When it comes to mother care products there is so many that is advertised. Top brands make sure their brands come up first on the google web page and we are left with little to no choices but only the top brands. 

Today we are going to explore a few confusing aspects of shopping for a brand new mom! 

When Should I Start Shopping? 

There is no perfect time to start shopping for a mom. Many say start from the moment you know you are pregnant and others tell us to wait until we have entered our third trimester. Our advice is that we divide our needs into various stages of pregnancy. What we need during the first trimester of the pregnancy is nothing like what we need in the last trimester. And what we need after giving birth also differs from the last trimester shopping list. Motherhood is filled with endless shopping for our needs. This includes clothes, food, pajamas, lingerie, personal care, and cosmetics. 

new mother products Malaysia

What Are The Essentials Of Motherhood? 

There are so many products that are perfectly curated for new mothers. However, just because they are made for new moms does not mean you need them, They do not become essentials. Nevertheless, your essential list is also bound to surprise you. As a new mom, you must get yourself a proper baby carrier, sleep swaddles, comfortable underwear and panties, postpartum care products, diaper bags, Nipple cream, pacifiers, baby bathtub, mother care cosmetics, and last but not the least, a little emergency medical kit for both the baby and you. 

Should I Buy Eco Friendly? 

Going eco-friendly has become a necessity in 202. Our consumerism has led to a lot of damage to the earth. As new moms, our consumer instincts tend to be all over the place, and buying eco-friendly is not as big of a priority. However, in today’s age and time, we have to think a little about making eco-friendly choices. Even if they tend to have a higher price point, they also have wonderful benefits. One of the many benefits of eco-friendly products is they allow us to reduce waste, save money in the long run, and most importantly, they help us have a much healthier life. 

As new moms, everything you buy does not have to be brand new. Many of these could be thrifted or gotten as second-hand items. Talk to other experienced moms through social media and real-life, before making big purchases for your new journey. They are the best at guiding you in real life and they certainly have a big bag of hand-me-downs that are in good condition! 

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