5 Reasons Why Women Love Buying Tupperware

Tupperware itself is a household product that includes kitchen utensils and food storage that already has a big name, and has even won the hearts of most Indonesian women. In addition to striking colors, these Tupperware airtight container have designs that seem exclusive compared to similar food storage products. Perhaps, this is the reason some women are crazy about this one household product.

Several years of hanging out with Tupperware connoisseurs led me to discover several reasons why they chose Tupperware as their household product of choice. Maybe these 5 reasons can explain it:


As an international trademark, Tupperware of course uses materials that have the best quality, are safe for health, and are environmentally friendly. All products from Tupperware are compliant with FDA, EFSA and FS standards.

One can have several Tupperware products that are still in good condition even though they have been dropped several times. Smooth, not easily broken and dented.

Attractive Design With Color Choices

You might like to browse through the catalog from Tupperware. This household product has a unique design and attractive colors that you can choose according to your characteristics. Beautiful colors that will look beautiful when laid out on the table.

Improving Your Confidence

People who really like buying Tupperware products and once idly asked what the reason they bought Tupperware products was.

They think that having a collection of Tupperware at home makes their confidence a little bit higher. It might sound a bit sloppy to the ear, but believe me, these ladies think that Tupperware is a valuable item that can only be exhibited. What’s more, the price of Tupperware is not cheap. Especially if what you have is a limited edition collection, you can’t imagine how happy it will be.

One of the moments that can describe this atmosphere is when Eid. We must be curious, whose house has the latest collection of jars from Tupperware on the table.

Can Be a Collection

It turns out that apart from being used to store food ingredients, one of the uses of Tupperware is as a display material in a cupboard or collection. I’ve been to a cousin’s house. He has a special cupboard to store his Tupperware. Wow.

Apparently the husband said, my cousin always doesn’t want to be left behind when there is a new collection from Tupperware, especially a limited edition. Mothers in the past used to collect batik cloth, now mothers prefer to fill their closets with Tupperware. I sometimes think, that’s all the collection when did you use it?

Source of Income

So many mothers who want to have the latest collection from Tupperware make some mothers choose to become Tupperware sales agents or members. Besides being able to buy Tupperware for themselves at a lower price, mothers who join Tupperware have the opportunity to earn their own income if they reach certain sales targets.

Don’t be surprised if in every village, school, family event, there are mothers who come with the latest Tupperware catalog. There are various ways to attract buyers, some provide an installment system and some provide discounts if you pay in cash.

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