Vessel Lay up Options

Vessels have been barred from docking in a number of places throughout the world due to COVID 19 pandemic. A number of idle assets are planned to be temporarily halted, with more assets possibly added as the situation develops day by day. The following are critical factors for shipowners to consider when deciding on the optimum lay-up condition for their boats.

While major cruise lines have decided to temporarily suspend operations, operators of vessels that have been idled due to service closures may be compelled to consider a short- or longer-term suspension while travel restrictions remain in place.

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It is a new problem for the industry, and owners must make tough decisions about what kind of lay-up, and where, is best suited to their vessel’s particular requirements.

There are three types of lay-up to consider: hot lay-up, warm lay-up, and cold lay-up – however, it should be noted that these are industry phrases rather than regulatory ones. 

When a ship is anticipated to remain out of service for a prolonged period of time, a year-long cold lay-up may be acceptable, such as when upgrading the vessel, selling the asset later to get a better price, or ultimately recycling the vessel. In order to meet emergency requirements such as fire, flooding, and mooring security watch, the crew is reduced to a skeletal level, machinery is taken out of service, the maintenance schedule is postponed, and the vessel is effectively “electrically dead” except for emergency generators and lighting.”

However, the cruise industry is expected to recover really soon following the pandemic, so hot lay up is the most realistic choice right now. Hot lay-up is appropriate for ships that will be out of service for up to three months while remaining fully operational in terms of class and flag while regular maintenance is carried out. If you need this service, hot lay up Malaysia is the best option for your vessel.

Vessel recovery

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When it comes to effectively resuming operation of a vessel after a market shift, the quality of maintenance and preservation during the lay-up period is a determining factor.

In the event of a strong economic rebound after the COVID-19 crisis, there may be a high demand for such services at a time when shipowners are eager to get their boats back in service. Furthermore, crew issues must be addressed, since taking over a fully functional vessel is quite different from being a member of the team that is restoring it to its former glory. Owners are urged to prepare in great detail ahead of time.

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