Safety Tips When Working around large machinery

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In the presence of large equipment like large CNC machining Malaysia pieces, it is known that safety is a requirement– a rule that precedes all others. Having the appropriate safety measures in place is important to keep the workers and individuals around the equipment safe, but to also reduce compromising the machinery. Industrial equipment should not be toyed with and the rules must be taken seriously to avoid severe consequences. 

Wear The Safety Equipment Provided

Safety wear from goggles to helmets and heavy boots can make all the difference when working in an area full of heavy machines. 


Helmets protect the head from debris, welding sparks, and from loose hair straying too close to open spaces in the machine. These are often worn around construction sites by engineers, architects and the construction workers themselves to avoid trauma to the head. 


Goggles are a good purchase as they shield the eyes from any particles and the brightness of naked flames. They also act as a measure against the fumes that could affect the vision of the individuals present. If you want to take extra caution you should purchase a mask that keeps out any particles from entering your nose and mouth area. 


Next, a good and solid pair of boots protects your feet from sharp nails, fallen pieces and any other elements on the industrial site that may cause harm to your feet.

Only Buy Machinery From Licenced Sellers

Licensed vendors working within the scope of the law are more likely to sell highly functional and uncompromised pieces of heavy equipment. With the right certification, they offer credibility to their understanding of machinery and source them from a dependable manufacturer. Whether you decide to purchase in your country or choose to import from a different country, take the necessary steps to make sure the seller is licensed and can be traced back in the case of a malfunction.

Only Have Licensed Operators Work The Machine

A good workman will understand how to operate your machinery in the safest and most effective way, reducing the risks of harm to themselves and to you. Opt for licensed operators who can identify if there is an issue with the machinery itself and act accordingly to avoid the possibilities of injury. Machines should be treated with great care. 

Stand a Safe Distance From the Machinery

Not only should machinery be handled by a professional, but onlookers should give them a wide berth to work as they should. Cramming up a space does not give the right leeway to work, and it avoids any accidental shoves or knocking over anything that may result in catastrophe. Practise distancing from the machines and from the site for work itself.

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